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Exploring the relationship between life expectancy at birth and economic growth in 56 developing countries

10 December 2018
J Glob Health Rep 2019; 3: e2019001

Higher income per capita (IPC) means better access to public and private health services those are provided by public or private sectors in a country. Good health service which lowers mortality rates in a country promotes to reach a long living population level with a higher life expectancy at birth (LEB) and healthy labour force enhancing productivity. People feel themselves more productive with a good health care hence increasing productivity and working hours will cause an increase in IPC (economic growth) incessantly. In traditional economic growth theory, labour force which is one of the factors of production function has got an important effect on the country’s economic growth. This study aims to investigate the relationship between LEB and IPC data and vice versa for 56 developing countries in North Africa, Middle-East and South-East Asia where most of them are Islamic countries and members of The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

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Integrating, advocating and augmenting palliative care in Malaysia: a qualitative examination of the barriers faced and negotiated by Malaysian palliative care nongovernmental organisations

10 December 2018
J Glob Health Rep 2019; 3: e2019003

Since its introduction in 1991, Malaysian palliative care has made significant progress, with an estimated 26 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and 68 government hospitals providing palliative care facilities and services nationwide. Distinct models between these sectors create unique challenges for each sector in progressing palliative care, requiring different strategies to address these.

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Sleep and children’s development in India

11 January 2019
J Glob Health Rep 2019; 3: e2019006

Change in lifestyle, late marriage and various other reasons results preterm baby, caesarean baby and various birth defects. Further children’s health is becoming fragile due to change in food habits like: regular use of snacks, caffeinated drinks, fast foods, inorganic foods etc., use of plastics as food vessels, use of antibiotics, due to lesser physical activity, lesser play, and stressful study routine etc. Proper sleep to a large extent makes body evolve and adapt to the changed requirements.

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